FrieNDIS Fitness Survey

Welcome and thank you for being a part of our journey towards exceptional inclusivity in fitness. This FrieNDIS Fitness Survey is your unique opportunity to voice your experiences and suggestions, guiding us toward further growth and enhancements.

We deeply value each piece of feedback, recognising it as a cornerstone for improving the quality and accessibility of our services. As we work towards a welcoming and empowering community, your insights play an important role in shaping our community.

Together, we are not just participating in fitness; we are building somewhere to belong, making sure everyone has the support and resources to thrive and do amazing burpees. Your input through this FrieNDIS fitness survey is invaluable, and we eagerly anticipate your honest and thoughtful contributions.

Thank you again for  your time to complete our FrieNDIS Fitness Survey.

Your perspectives really do help us to make improvements and to continue to create and build an awesome experience that meets the needs and aspirations of our group.

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Additionally, we encourage you to explore our blog, where you’ll find inspiring stories, fitness tips, and maybe even some familiar faces. Your engagement and support fuel our passion and drive further innovations, helping us to make FrieNDIS Fitness not just a service, but a community where everyone belongs and excels.

Let’s stay connected and keep the conversation going. Your journey inspires us, and together, we’re making fitness inclusive for everyone.

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