From being morbidly obese myself, to losing weight, putting it back on, losing it, rinsing and repeating, becoming a trainer to help others and getting to see other peoples trials and tribulations. I have found the adage of 30% fitness (to me thats the fun bit) 70% food to be almost true, though, it misses out the mental side of it. The mindset, the confidence, consistency, commitment, self discipline, drive, goal setting and goal GETTING I have found is where a lot of people need that extra bit of help


What is hypnosis?

It might be easier to explain what it is not. 

Hypnosis is not control over someone. It is not magic, mind control, smoke and mirrors or voodoo.

Hypnosis is assisting a connection between your concious mind and your unconcious mind. 

Sounds airy fairy right?! 

How about this, you have an unconcious mind (or subconcious) how do you know it exists? you know because you see its handywork, you see what it does all day everyday without you having to focus and make it do anything. 

When was the last time you told yourself to breath? (nope this is not a blonde joke) when was the last time you reminded your heart to beat? When did you last tell your body to digest food and where in your body it should send the nutritional components to for its most efficient benefit? (yes fat storage is ‘usually’ actually biologicaly efficient)

I’ll tell you when … all the while that you were reading this!

You may think, ‘no I didn’t.’

But you ARE breathing, right? Please don’t try to prove me wrong at this point.

Your heart  IS beating and your body IS utilising pieces of your last few meals for the benefit of you continuing to exist. Right?

That is your unconcious mind.

Probably wanna send it some thanks coz it is a bloody hard worker and always has your best interests in mind.

Now, just like you are, in your job, after doing it for a while, you get to know a fair bit about what goes on in your workplace right? 

You know in your  workpace or occupation what your role is, you know what everyone else is supposed to be doing, you might know where the best place is to get coffee. thats right!

Now picture yourself 24 hours a day, never taking a break, happily whistling your way through this, continualy learning and adapting to the environment.

That is what your unconcious mind is doing, (may not ‘actually’ be whistling but you will get the metaphors) yup, even when you are sleeping. When you sleep is when your unconcious has a way to contact you in the form of dreams and this may be a tad confusing as your unconcious has a different way of communicating than you do with your friends and family. 

Another way to create a way to communicate with your unconcious is in trance through hypnosis. 

While in hypnotherapy we are not trying to change you into a chicken (we may help you to stop being one though 🤔 ) 

We are more trying to help with belief systems, habits and ways of doing things that, like in the work place, may be the S.O.P but not the most effiecient or most beneficial processes for who you can be.

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