Kids Bootcamps First Week

Kids Bootcamp First Week

Playing a bit of knee atack

So, Apparently I now write blogs.

This is my first one and I have no idea what I am doing so I hope you enjoy  🙂

We have completed our first week of the kids Bootcamps and I think it went well. The kids had fun, they were stuffed at the end of each day and they still came back.

The kids Bootcamps is something I have tried to get off the ground for some time now but being outside of the gym, me not knowing much about marketing and still learning how to get my website seen has been a couple of the hurdles. 


He is laughing I promise
The weights were a big hit
One of our circuits
Learning to fly (results may vary)
40 minutes down 20 to go muuahahaha

But we got past those hurdles and the kids have been attending.

AND THEY SMASHED IT! reeally impressed with these guys they all did really well, were all helpful and friendly. Very happy to be seeing them all again  🙂

I love writing the Bootcamps, I enjoy working out ways to make it fun while still working towards it being functional and providing the kids with movements that are beneficial for them outside of the Bootcamps with me, whether they are into Running, Footy, Basketball or other sports (I name those because that is what these guys have been into) 

Learning the all important hip hinge
How did Jase rope me into this?!

I also love to see the excitement when they are playing the games, and yeah … the sadistic PT side of me enjoys when they are excitedly smashing out some extra burpees because they are more focused on getting some extra points.

First weeks Bootcamp and first blog more to come of both. If you would like to find out more or see the action vids links below to more info or our social medias

We also learn about stretching

You are intelligent, goodlooking and funny!
Thankyou so much for your application
I will get back to you asap