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I encourage weigh ins to be done on the same scale, with the scale in the same place (different tiles and flooring can effect the measure) at the same time of day. Best time is when you wake after you go to toilet, before you eat. Either nude or with the same clothing on. If you choose to not look at scale and instead forward a photo to me, please be aware of reflective surfaces for modesty purposes.
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A scan can give a lot more specific and individualised information which can be helpful when tracking changes. It is ok if you do not want to do a scan as we can work out mathematically what we need but the scan is more precise.
We are all human and your lifestyle and habits may be what got you to the point of asking for help. Me understanding the things that can effect your habits and binges etc can help us to build new stronger habits. If we go off track or something comes up then it is ok but please let me know so we can adjust or at least so I will understand why results are different than predicted.

You are intelligent, goodlooking and funny!
Thankyou so much for your application
I will get back to you asap