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Online Training

If you’re a man or woman who wants to feel stronger, have more energy, and is looking to lose 10, 20, 30 kilos (or more) of stubborn body fat — you owe it to yourself, to your body, to your family, and to your quality of life to keep reading.

Actually, STOP reading that bullshit! How many times have you read something pretty much word for word like that and ended up in an endless sales funnel ... bazillions right?!?!


I see them all the time, like me does it make you feel a bit meh when you read them? right? yeah

But you didn’t come here for a sales page. In fact, I know why you came here. You came here because you’re in need of coaching.

More specifically, you came here because you want:

-Workouts that work, not another program you quit
-Nutrition that fits your life, not another diet you have to fit your life around.
-Results that don’t require making the gym a second (or third) job
-A coach as invested in you as you are in the program
-To show yourself that you’re capable of making a commitment and following through.

And you want someone who helps you follow through with your commitment — an Obi-Wan to your Luke, a Chubbs to your Happy Gilmore, a Samwise to your Frodo. That’s what my coaching is. That’s exactly what my coaching program does for you.

If you want to skip the stories and signup for Online training now click this link and fill in the short form and I will contact you directly.

However, for those who want to read a little more, here is my sob story 😬

I have been fat for most of my adult life and grew into the realm of the morbidly obese. I was a big pisshead, lived on junk food. Did not exercise and I really did not give a fuck about myself.

I was also severely depressed, not that I shared that with anyone or sought out help,  I know … boohoo right … but I am letting you know why I do what I do and why YOUR results matter to me. 

I spent years doing the wrong thing, would gee myself up for big changes on New years and I would get strict, and do alright until I couldn’t keep it up anymore. For me, each New years I would have a big farewell to drinking, smoking and partying and go strictly into a training regime and eat better which would work. The problem was my whole social life actually revolved around the drinking, partying, smoking and eating, so I had to remove that as well.  🤦‍♂️ 

Nature abhors a vacuum right… So did I … this would add to my depression in a few ways… If I wanted to have a social life, as far as I could see I had to ‘give up’ on improving my self and it sucked because to me it showed that I was good at that, giving up, just a quitter. 

It was not my friend’s fault, after the first few years of me trying they stopped trying to push the grog back into my hands to get me to join them, they were buds and they just missed their mate, they were not aware of what was going on inside me. Though they were happy to get that call each year, ‘hey, it’s Jase I’m over it let’s get fucked up’ That was my admission of failure.

I knew I needed change, I also didn’t have any real idea on how to do it. My friends were pretty happy for the most part in their lives and did not have the need to change that I did. I also have a weird family situation so without my friends I was literally alone and with social anxiety was unlikely to allow any new people to get very close to me. 

I  would come up with these great ideas (i thought) to get my mates to join me in some sort of physical stuff but there was either no interest, too expensive or it would end up involving getting drunk anyways lol (we must have been bootleggers in past lives) my arm was very VERY easily twisted when it come to this. (I was probably the one twisting it 🤔)

Fast forward a  few years and as a qualified Personal Trainer, I looked at my clients and realised a lot of them required similar things to what I needed during my journey. I try to create situations that make those things more available. 

My whole reason for getting into training is because where I was before mentally, emotionally and of course physically really sucked! If  I could help people to not have to go through this for as long as I did then not only will I have helped someone but my bad choices will also have some redemption and not be a total loss.

I have spent a fair bit of time as a face to face trainer as when I started I did not want to do the online trainer style (partly because I am crap at social media) but I often see people in the gym reading their training from an app and they are not in the correct form or they are moving in patterns that could potentially cause issues and injuries. 

Which is why my rates include online zoom sessions where I can view your form, assess your movement patterns. This not only helps you with getting better more efficiently and less likely to incur injuries but also assists me with knowing where you are at from a personal level rather than as just a number on an app. 


One of the heartbreaking things as a trainer is finding someone I can help, that I know needs my help but they cannot afford personal training.  So I have found a way to work the best of both worlds. 

Online Coaching is the most effective and affordable way I can offer my services as a Body Transformation Coach. With Online Coaching, I’m like your very own virtual personal fitness consultant…here for your every health and fitness need. I have integrated this into the training so I can actually see in real-time your form and whether you are moving correctly. If you are it will make progress faster, if not it will mean we can focus on sticky points and increase the safety of your progress. 

Because I have been there

Because I have walked in the shoes I can empathise and give guidance from a place of understanding. I have not just read a text, passed a test and reiterated that information. (though I also do that lol)

Yes, there is perfect nutrition and meal plans that if you followed them you would achieve near-perfect results …Yes there is a perfect training regime and exercises that if you followed them perfectly you would achieve near-perfect results.

But would you?

Unless you are a psychopath (and we can work with it if you are) the answer is either no or not for long.

If you read through all that, you may find we have a few things in common, if you are here to lose fat we probably do (though there is more to me than I just wrote lol) 

The next steps are about you. 

I am so glad you are here. 

For so many people it stays as a thought of a ‘I might do that one day’ but you are here, you are looking, well done. 

If you have questions there is an FAQ below after that there is an application form to fill in.

If you are interested please fill in the form and I will contact you ASAP to book you in for a FREE consult, where we have a chat, address any injuries, issues and other questions etc you may have. mainly we make sure we are a good fit 


Full gym access is great, but it’s not necessary. As long as you have two legs and two arms and can do some bodyweight squats, you’re good.

Hell, if you have no equipment and don’t want to join a gym, We can work with what you have or I can show you the least expensive way to get the stuff you need. Some resistance bands, concrete block, tins of baker beans …believe me I can get creative ;)

All you need is your body

And you are some body … right?

I encourage 45 minutes of workout 60-70 mins including warm up and cool down/ stretching etc

If you want.

Yeah, I mean that. I don’t program steady-state cardio for my clients. But I do encourage you to be active in some way outside of the gym.

Be that running, biking, playing basketball, dancing, LARPing, whatever.

I personally hate cardio on a machine. I will encourage you to go to the beach, walk in the forest, kick a ball, get some friends together for a game of cricket or tennis, etc


Giving you a meal plan takes away your independence and prevents you from achieving self-actualization.

You’re not (likely) gonna work with me until you die. So if you can’t learn to do this on your own, then it’s a waste of time.

I will give you nutritional guidance dependant on where you are and what you already know. I will help you to understand how to count calories and macros over time if you do not already know as well as how to read nutrition labels and what the important stuff means (and how the bastards try to trick us). I will help you choose better foods. I can even send you a recipe or two Or you can share recipes with other clients if you wish to join our Facebook group

But you’re an adult. I don’t need to tell you exactly what to eat.

Pull your big boy or big girl pants up and take responsibility.


As long as I’m not asleep, driving, or with a client, my phone is pretty much by my side all day. So it’s basically 24/7 access.

You can text me whenever you like.

You can email me whenever you need as well.

I’m here for you. Period.

I will always reply as soon as I am safely able to within the above parameters, please remember I too am human and will sometimes be occupied. If I am going to be out of service say on a hike or camping trip I will let everyone know.

Ah, price. That’s pretty much all you wanna know, right?

I don’t put my prices online for two reasons:

  1. I want to make sure you and I will be a good fit as coach and client; so first you have to apply and then schedule a call with me because I want you to talk with me (a real life human being) first.
  2. See #1 above

But here’s what I’ll tell you so you have some sense of cost: it costs you less than a $10 burrito at Guzman per day; and it’s nearly 70% cheaper than hiring me at your local gym for 3 sessions a week.

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