This is not a paid service

This is a group of people deciding to go on hike, adventures, camping trips etc for the point of social exercise, fun, fresh air, positivity and whatever else you could think of as a reason you would like to do this.

You are welcome to join us and if you do so it is at your own discretion and up to you to understand any risks involved.

Why am I doing this? … why for free Jase?

Because it is something I needed when I started losing weight … well … I needed it before that too lol, but it was something I needed but did not know how to find. (I also didnt know I needed it)

Because I have got to a place where I can now potentially help others out of the rut I was in… or similar ruts. 

This is not just a physical thing, for me this IS my meditation, this is where I can clear my head, I get my endorphins up, surround myself with beauty, nature and feel healthy, happy and good about myself. 

I love hiking now and enjoy it alone or with others. 

I love how I can feel comfortable having a chat with someone I have just met without having to be intoxicated, it is a great way to meet new people that are doing a positive healthy thing in a group setting.

It is funny, working in a gym I realised that so many people treat it the way I treated pubs and clubs, it is a social place, it is a place to meet someone for … whatever, but they were doing this because they felt happy and social, instead of alcohol as a social lubricant the gym is full of people that are full of endorphins and you are surrounded all day with people literally there improving themselves. 

That said I also see others get into the gym do their chore and get out, which is fine too … I also know people in the gym that wanted to meet others but felt weird to go up to a stranger and say ‘hey, I have been watching you and ….. ‘ coz that is not awkward at all ?!

As humans, we like those that are like us and we perform better when we feel we are moving in the same direction as our peers. We are also an average of those that we choose to surround ourselves with. So why not change the equation a little and see what happens?

If your social circle only ever drinks, eats, hikes, sky dives, does gymnastics – or whatever – it makes sense that you would probably join them right? 

I am doing this as a way to help others (and myself) to open up their social circle and allow in some new activities, some potentially beneficial, healthy and positive activities and if we can get fitter while we do it then that is a bloody bonus. 

This is all inclusive and ANYONE who CAN participate, can participate.

Yep, bring your kids, your nana, ASD? come along, socially anxious? throw on some headphones and come along, you dont HAVE to chat to anyone but it is nice to be a part of a group and you may over time find it gets easier.

I am also interested personally in the psychological aspects of exercise (and neglecting to exercise) and this can lead to big changes for a lot of people, if you dont like it … thats ok I give a 100% money back guarantee ;)

I set up the hikes into 3 categories:  easy, medium and hard 


anyone can come on an easy, they are signed, loads of people do them everyday, You may still get out of breath and you may still feel like you have pushed yourself … and that is good. I also say any kids that wanna come do easy first aswell as ‘are we there yets’ can affect the sanity of the group. they are generally pretty scenic and there will be some awesome photo ops


anyone can come on a medium, though be aware they can take a while. Think 3-6 hours 10-15km or more depending on the group. I quite like Nerang  mountains for this and it is a great one because anyone that realises they have bitten off more than they can chew, we are generally only ever 30 mins away from a road and an uber home :) a medium is a prerequisite of a hard 


yes there will be waaay harder hikes than I will put into this category but it is the classification I put them in. You must have come on a medium prior and know that a hard is gonna be tougher than that, because if we are hiking up a mountain and you decide its too tough and you wanna stop …. well … the rest of us are going to finish (obviously injuries etc is a different story) these can involve rock scrambling and light climbing. I am not at the point of climbing with ropes but who knows what the future holds. A hard can be a bloody long walk (32km is my highest in one day so far) or lots of up and down or it can be conquering a big arse mountain. These are tough , but doable I will have done it myself before hand … coz it is embarassing to get lost lol.


Queensland, for now due to the border closures I personally am not interested in getting stuck in a quarantine situation. 

I have been doing these for only a coupe of years, so I am still finding soooo much to explore that is reasonably close to me on the Gold Coast

Getting there, you will need to be able to get there or arrange transport there and back.

I do not swap this as a service for profit. Some things in life should still be free :)


You are responsible for yourself, bring sun protection, bring water, you do not have enough water bring more water, now add two more big bottles of water! (seriously bring a shitload of water)

Make sure you have comfortable shoes – sneakers are fine for easy, you may want to invest in something specifically for hikes for mediums and hards

Food, snacks, you will get hungry


First aid kit

ou may want walking poles (cheap ones at kmart will start you off fine)

A proper hiking backpack for longer hikes – these are made with carrying weight over distance and your back in mind. 

You are responsible for yourself on these hikes, anything you think you may need please bring it, bug spray, asthma puffer whatever you know you need bring it and also bring water

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