Kids Fitness Bootcamp

Kids Fitness Bootcamps

We have FUN!

We have the kind of fun that us pre internet kids had.

Fun in the park, fun with other kids from other schools and other age groups. Fun out of the computer chair and away from social media and into to social reality.

Fun learning new skills and team building. 

Levelling up our skills in real life with  real people and making real friends

We are building their HP, STR, DEXT, CHA maybe  even some WIS (sorry for the non nerds that dont get this one lol)

You may picture Bootcamps as a grueling slog through the mud, dragging your feet as you muster every last ounce of strength to get to the next bit  (join our group as we do RAW next year if you are keen on that) This is not that, not for the kids… though it will be tough at times and oh no … sometimes they may even come home tired and quiet for a minute or three 

The group workouts are challenging of course, designed to work on the motor skills of all age groups aswell as assisting with movement patterns and correct form which will have many benefits long term .

I believe for all of us, kids and adults, if we are going to continue something it must be fun, we have to enjoy it. This is what I bring to the Bootcamps, there is variety and fun. 

Fun for me as the masses groan at my Dad jokes but also fun for everyone as our warm ups are games, games designed to help us to open up in a new social atmosphere, hopefully help to break down barriers and allow us to enjoy fitness in a group setting. 

I would love to see you and your kids at our Holiday Bootcamps please scroll down to fill in a contact form and I will be in contact within 24 hours 


Gold Coast: Our main bases are at Coomera, Helensvale and Nerang

We do have a few different packages to suit different budgets. This is designed to be inclusive. Fill in the contact form and we can have a chat.

Mon-Fri 3pm in Coomera

Sessions go for 60 minutes

I  work with a fair few ASD kids and am more than happy for them to join in. I believe that socialising is important for everyone. You know your child better than me, If you think they would benefit and make the steps towards involvement I am happy to help.

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