COMING SOON Kids Lunch Packs

We are working out some nutritional and yummy stuff that the kids won’t swap out for junk food with other kids while at the same time not feeling like they are missing out while the other kids munch down on LCMs etc


We are looking at having a base meal being a sanga or wrap or similar , maybe even a kids size portion of a heatable meal

and a parents choice of the snacks and fruit

We really want to make this affordable and better than giving the kids free reign of the tuck shop while allowing them to have fun, yummy foods as well as some variety

while these are not yet for sale (though if you pay at the million dollar price tag we can probably make it work lol) We would love to hear from you if you have any ideas that you would like to see

Our amazing Chef Bec has a great relationship with our fruit and Veg supplier and we try our best to get the best ripe and delicious fruit. I know myself I have struggled to ‘guess’ which piece of fruit from a bunch will be the yummy one and we hope this may help the kids to see how delicious fruit is



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