Outdoor Bootcamps

Outdoor Bootcamps

Do you want to lose some fat?

Do you want to get fit and more toned?

Would you like help with motivation?

Do you want to train but dont know where to start or how to keep yourself going?

Then you are lucky to be here … that is the stuff we love to help with (who woulda thought)

We are here to help you get your results. You deserve them!

Because Slim Gym training style is focused not only on correct form and technique and all the blah blah science behind the scenes stuff that you may not be interested in (though please ask if you are as I enjoy talking about it) We want the training to be FUN (yeah also tough…but FUN) 

Why? Why Jase is it important to you to make it fun?

Because … to get results you MUST be consistent … you HAVE to keep moving towards your goals and if we make it fun, it is funny how our minds work, but if we remember the hard grueling sweat filled workout that left our muscles aching for a few days and what actually comes to mind is laughing with Victor, being part of the group and doing it together, pointing out how Jase can’t count with Sharyn, helping to encourage each other, new friends encouraging you and caring about how YOU are doing, winning a workout game with Liz, comparing new dress sizes with Tash … I could go on …. but if what comes to mind when you remember the tough times is actually full of positive things then do you think you would want to do it again ?

Do you think you would want those positive feelings to be a part of your life more?

Could you see yourself getting results because you WANT to keep going back for more and even look forward to it?

I know I can .. and I see it, I see people coming to a group session and having fun and getting results, having a joke afterwards (and during)

Slim Gym is not just a gym or a place to go to do what is needed. Slim Gym is a community. We have group outings, we go hiking and do team building stuff outside of the bootcamps which you are welcome to come and do with your new mates and you family,  kids and friends can too.

We are all inclusive, whatever your fitness level, age, sex, vaccination status or other defining characteristics as long as you can be a part of a group with positive inclinations you are welcome – now if you have anxiety or depression and you think that excludes you I would like you to think instead that it means we welcome you even more. Exercise and fitness is REALLY beneficial for both of those and being in a part of a supportive community can be an amazing step for clearing up the fog for you aswell :)

I would love to see you in our groups soon, If you would like to get somme more info please fill in the form. below


Gold Coast: Our main bases are at Coomera, Helensvale and Nerang

We do have a few different packages to suit different budgets. This is designed to be inclusive. Fill in the contact form and we can have a chat.


Packages can include just bootcamps, one on one, online, programming, family packs and can be mixed to  suit your needs

I prefer to show someone how to build and use a fishing pole than just keep giving them fish to eat at every meal?!?!

While there are options, I would prefer to help you for long term success rather than just give you a bandaid for today

Nutrition is something that can be discussed in our private facebook groups and I work closely with DR Liz who is an amazing dietition who created and ran the nutrition and dietetics department at Bond Uni for many years (and loads of other stuff)

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