Slim Gym Hooded Towel

Have you ever had your towel slip off the seat?

Annoying right 🤷🏻‍♂️

Have you left your phone or keys behind at a machine and then freaked out that your life was possibly over 🤯

Us too 😮

Ever filled your water bottle and come back to your next set and your machine was taken 👿

What if We could help you solve all of these problems in one 🤩

And it does not involve staples or violence 😎

Our Slim Gym Towel is specifically designed for gym-goers

We have a larger zipper pocket big enough to even fit a 1 litre water bottle easily in

A pouch designed to sit over and hold onto the seat you are on to prevent sliding down into oblivion

A clear ‘reserved’ embroidered into the towel to discourage any would-be poachers



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