Slim Gym Padded Lifting Straps (TAILS)

Slim Gym Padded Weight Lifting Straps 
1 pair
Have you ever noticed your grip giving out during a particularly grueling barbell WOD or Olympic session?
Maybe it’s because you’re tired, you have shorter fingers, or you’re sweaty 
Lifting straps help alleviate those problems by helping you hold the weight in your hands

The straps loop around your wrists and the other end goes around the barbell or dumbbell

It takes the pressure off your grip and makes it so that the weight is basically attached and hanging from your hands and wrists

If you’re guessing this makes it easier to hang on to those heavier weights, you’re correct

Straps are a popular go-to for really heavy Olympic lifts, deadlifts, pulls, and higher reps of bodybuilding exercises, like rows

Slim Gym straps have added neoprene padding for additional comfort

The ‘Never Give up’ acrylic medium enhances grip to assist lifts (dramatically)

Easy slide and wrap styled bands



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