Enhancing Lives Through Social Activities in Disability Fitness

FrieNDIS group engaged in games and laughter during their social games night

At FrieNDIS Fitness, we’ve seen firsthand the profound benefits that social activities provide for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Through our unique fitness programs and social nights, participants not only enhance their physical health but also experience significant social and emotional growth.

Carl smiling broadly as he throws a ball during a timed catch game at FrieNDIS Fitness
Carl lighting up the room with his smile in the middle of our exciting catch game.
FrieNDIS group engaged in games and laughter during their social games night
An evening of games and smiles with the FrieNDIS community

The Transformative Power of Community Engagement

Social activities are crucial for everyone, including those with intellectual disabilities, as they help build a sense of belonging and improve interpersonal skills. At FrieNDIS Fitness, our sessions are designed to encourage interaction in a supportive environment. For example, Josh, who joined us as a teenager to manage anger issues, has blossomed into a popular group leader, showing exceptional leadership qualities and inventiveness. His journey from isolation to becoming a central figure in our community underscores the transformative potential of targeted social activities.

Participants engaging in a circuit training day with wall sits, adapted pushups, and situps.
A rigorous session of wall sits, adapted pushups, and situps during our circuit training, pushing the limits.

Real Stories of Connection and Growth

Our participants, like Rowan and Trey, have their unique stories of personal development through social interaction. Rowan, initially reserved, has grown into his role as a captain, now more engaged and often the one cracking jokes with his peers. Trey, known for his nurturing nature, excels in leading and motivating newer, younger participants, helping them integrate and feel valued within our group.

Our social nights, featuring quirky tools like a sensory ‘poo’ toy, provide light-hearted moments that enhance bonding and break down barriers. These toys, while humorous, play a crucial role in facilitating communication and connection among our participants.

Chris observing with amusement as a simple crabwalk exercise evolves into a playful crab war
A moment of surprise and fun as Chris watches the crabwalk turn into a spirited crab war.
Kobes laughing during a competitive round of Beat the Bomb at our fitness session.
Kobes can’t stop giggling in a thrilling game of Beat the Bomb.


Real-Life Impact: Building Confidence and Leadership

Through regular group interactions, participants like Josh, Rowan, and Trey have not only improved their fitness but have also developed valuable life skills. These skills include leadership, problem-solving, and the confidence to engage with others positively. Our ‘walk and talk’ sessions, which started as structured conversation exercises, have evolved into natural, engaging discussions where participants eagerly share and connect over common interests, the important stuff like pizza toppings, favourite lizards and which is the best Pokemon skill.

FrieNDIS group enjoying a social night out at Maniaxe, filled with smiles and camaraderie
Our FrieNDIS group shares a joyous evening at Maniaxe, bonding over exciting activities

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