Slim Gym Booty Loops (pack of 3)

Your purchase includes
3 x Booty Loops by Slim Gym Fabric resistance bands
3 resistance levels light, medium and heavy
Handy drawstring carry pouch
Slim Gym Booty training exercise guide
Designed with rubber banding to prevent slippage on tights/leggings
Lovely feeling material for added comfort
These bands have the Perfect Resistance to Shape your Body and target all 3 glute muscles
High-quality Heavy-duty Resistance bands
 NON-SLIP FABRIC BOOTY LOOPS THAT WON’T ROLL UP – Unlike latex loop resistance bands that roll up and dig into your skin, our Booty Loops are made from premium beautiful soft fabric with a double layer of extra grip rubber.  This means your booty loops will never roll up, dig into your skin or break. No need to keep stopping your workout to readjust your bands or pull them back up!
Booty Loops Target All 3 Glute Muscles
Your medius, Maximus and minimus 
Minimus: Isolation and balancing movements will help support your butt
Medius: lateral movements with our Booty Loops will lift and round your butt
Maximus: Compound movements with Booty Loops will enhance your glutes volume



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