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At Slim Gym Personal Training, we’re pioneering a movement in the Gold Coast area, offering specialised NDIS support fitness groups in Upper Coomera. Our mission is to craft a supportive community where individuals of all abilities, including those neurodiverse and with physical disabilities, can unite to achieve their fitness goals. Here, every journey towards wellness is celebrated, every effort acknowledged, and every milestone cherished.

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Our Training

Led by Jase, who has personally navigated the challenging journey from morbid obesity to health, Slim Gym offers personalised training programs that understand the real struggles behind fitness and weight management. With a commitment to empathy, personalised attention, and the collective wisdom gained from experience, we’re here to guide you through every step of your fitness journey with Gold Coast NDIS fitness and social groups and Online Coaching.

Training PWD (People With Disabilities)

Our unique blend of fitness and fun is designed to empower with our Gold Coast NDIS fitness. As both a dedicated personal trainer and an allied health assistant, Jase specialises in adaptive fitness for neurodiverse individuals and those with physical challenges. Our group sessions are more than workouts; they’re a celebration of ability, a testament to the human spirit and of course the most important part…FUN!.

Our Equipment

Passion defines our selection of fitness equipment. Each piece is battle-tested in the trenches of our gym, subjected to the rigorous demands of real-world use. Only the gear that withstands our trials earns a spot in our lineup, ensuring you access to equipment that’s as resilient as you are.

Join Our Inclusive Community

Whether you’re looking to buy fitness equipment online for home workouts or seeking weight loss online coaching, Slim Gym is your fitness partner. Our doors are open to everyone, from those seeking accessible fitness programs for disabilities in the Gold Coast to fitness enthusiasts ready to elevate their home gym experience.

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