FrieNDIS Inclusive Fitness and Social Group.

Welcome to our Inclusive Fitness and Social Group for People with Disabilities in Coomera! Our mission is to enhance motor skills, fitness, strength, teamwork, coordination, and muscle tone—all within an enjoyable atmosphere that fosters friendship and inclusivity.

While our roots lie in supporting individuals with ASD, we wholeheartedly embrace anyone who can engage in a friendly manner. Our sessions are tailored to accommodate the unique needs of each participant on any given day.

Join us on a journey to improved well-being and lasting connections in a supportive and adaptive environment!”

As a Personal Trainer I happened to start training a couple of young ASD guys. For whatever reason, there was something about me that they found comfortable. As we spent more time together and I got to know them a bit better I decided to further my knowledge on how to assist these guys better. 

I have been training with some of these guys for over 4 years and the changes are not just physical. One of the things I realised during some of our conversations was that social life at a school for someone with ASD was not amazing. Kids are kids, but I felt bad for these guys and wondered if we could do something about it. 

I decided to see if there was any interest in creating some inclusive social gatherings, a group for guys and girls on the spectrum to meet , have fun and even hopefully become friends. 

There was interest 💪 And we now have a group of regulars that come each week.

Stoked to say some friendships have evolved and some of the guys have attended each others bday parties, gone fishing, hung out etc, To me, this is really cool. 

One of the things I would love to see happen because of FrieN.D.I.S is these guys being able to invite someone other than family and carers to their birthdays and special occasions. 

These group sessions are available on NDIS and we have both plan-managed and self-managed able to access funding for this. 

I do offer the carers/parents to join in at no additional charge (though none have taken me up on this yet 🤔) They do seem to be happy having a yarn and network though lol.

Prices for these sessions are $25

Mon         4pm      Highland – Boxing Reserve Park
Mon         445pm Highland Reserve Park – Aiming, ball handling, catch and circuit styled training

Weds        345pm Upper Coomera Park – Boxing

Weds       430pm Upper Coomera Park – Sports like games and fitness circuits

Fri              11am Upper Coomera Park – Strength Training group

We are looking to expand our group days and times. Next on the list is a boxing group

We do want more group times and sessions and the more the merrier (though each group sessions numbers are capped) If you have any preferred times for yourself or participants please feel free to let me know and I will see what we can do to accomodate. As everyone is individual some people may prefer to train individually with me for whatever reason and this is an option we can discuss.

If you would like to have a chat about this you can flick me a text (I don’t answer phone calls while training people) on 0412163317 and I will get back to you when I am free. 

Or you can fill in the form below and I will contact you as soon as I can. (I broke something in the email on this and it takes a while to come through to me, text is always the best option)

We try to make joining pretty easy. After we have had a chat we can get you/your participant to join in. The guys are amazing with new people making them feel like they are wanted, included and a part of the group. The more people we have the different variety of games we get to play. 

Billing, I can send through an invoice to self managed or plan managed participants. Most people use community and social participation as it is a social group I understand a lot of people do not have specific personal training in their plans. 

Please check out our instagram page  if you would like to see more vids on what fun we get up to in our sessions

Or our Facebook page  if you prefer 

making friends with ASD in Coomera
Inclusive Fitness and Social Group
Josh showing off his unique take on the crabwalk exercise.
making friends with asd gold coast
Inclusive Fitness and Social Group
Inclusive Fitness and Social Group


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