Welcome to Vicarious Insights Podcast

Hey there! Welcome to Vicarious Insights, a podcast where we dive into the fascinating and sometimes wild world of disability services, support systems, and personal growth. I’m super excited to have you here!

Why I Started This Podcast So, a bit about me—I started out as a personal trainer, just trying to help a young autistic man with his fitness goals. Little did I know, this experience would open my eyes to the mind-boggling complexities of the disability sector. Like many newbies, I found myself drowning in information (or the lack of it) and feeling pretty overwhelmed. Determined to not just float but swim, I decided to embark on a mission to educate myself.

This podcast was born out of my desire to learn from the best—experts, advocates, and those with lived experiences. I realised I wasn’t alone in feeling lost; many of us are just trying to figure things out. Vicarious Insights is my way of bridging the knowledge gap and sharing practical advice, heartwarming stories, and a few laughs along the way.

Benefits for Myself, My Clients, and Listeners For Myself: Hosting this podcast is like a never-ending treasure hunt for knowledge. I get to chat with amazing people, learn cool stuff, and become better at what I do—all while having a blast!

For My Clients: Each episode is packed with strategies, support, and solutions that my clients and their families can actually use. It’s all about making their lives a bit easier and a lot more awesome.

For Listeners: Whether you’re a parent, support worker, caregiver, or just curious about disability services, this podcast has something for you. Whether you’re a parent, support worker, caregiver, or just curious about disability services, this podcast has something for you. We cover everything from the roles and impacts of allied health professionals, combating bullying, and learning techniques to make life easier with disabilities, to what goes on in the daily lives of support workers and the goals of psychologists. My goal is to give you the tools and insights to make a real difference. My goal is to give you the tools and insights to make a real difference.

I also started a networking group to connect with other professionals in the industry. Listening to their stories made me realize just how much there is to learn. This podcast is an extension of that mission—to learn from others, uncover the mysteries behind closed doors, and find people who truly get the amazing and sometimes scary world of disability.

Thanks for joining me on this journey. Let’s learn, grow, and have some fun together!

Explore Our Episodes Below:

Join us in this episode of Vicarious Insights as we chat with Kyle, an Exercise Physiologist. Kyle dives deep into exercise physiology, explaining how it differs from other health fields and its crucial role in enhancing physical health. Discover the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach, real-world success stories, and practical tips for incorporating exercise physiology into your routine. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or looking to improve your health, this episode is packed with valuable insights.

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Nurtured Heart Approach: Parenting Insights from Lillian Reekie | Vicarious Insights p1/2

Join us in part one of this insightful series as Lillian Reekie shares her experiences and strategies using the Nurtured Heart Approach. Discover how she turned challenges into opportunities for growth while raising a neurodiverse child. Learn effective parenting techniques, communication strategies, and coping mechanisms for ADHD and autism.

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In part two of our series, Lillian Reekie delves deeper into practical applications of the Nurtured Heart Approach. We explore dealing with bullying, encouraging improvements, and building confidence in young people. Gain valuable insights to enhance your parenting journey and support children with disabilities.

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In-Depth Interview with James from Fresh Perspectives | Vicarious Insights Podcast

In this episode of Vicarious Insights, we chat with James from Fresh Perspectives, a versatile business consultancy. James shares his journey from professional athlete to business consultant, highlighting the importance of diversity and leadership in the disability sector. We delve into the complexities of the NDIS, discuss inspiring stories, and explore how meaningful engagement can lead to better outcomes for individuals with disabilities.

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Join us for a compelling episode of Vicarious Insights with Vickie Berzins from Unify Disability Services. Vickie delves into the transformative power of positive behavioural support, sharing key insights and experiences that underscore its impact in the disability sector. Tune in for an inspiring discussion that’s packed with practical advice for enhancing supportive care.

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