Vicarious Insights: Chatting with James from Fresh Perspectives

Discovering Fresh Perspectives with James

In this episode of Vicarious Insights, we dive deep into the fascinating journey of James from Fresh Perspectives, a professional athlete turned business consultant in the disability sector. From moving to Australia in 2007, transitioning from retail to Sport and Recreation, and eventually discovering his passion for disability services, James’s story is nothing short of inspiring.

One highlight includes the turnaround of a trampoline park by engaging school groups and disability providers, leading to significant improvements in participants’ motor skills and social interactions. This experience was pivotal, showcasing the power of meaningful engagement and development opportunities.

James from Fresh Perspectives also shed light on his unique consultancy approach, working closely with businesses to identify both pain points and strengths. By focusing on what businesses do well, he helps hone core competencies and extend their reach to better serve clients.

We spoke about a lot of different things including the importance of diversity of thought in teams. Emphasising how varied perspectives lead to better decision-making, James revealed crucial insights for small businesses struggling with limited resources.

We also explored the complexities of the NDIS, the varying experiences across different regions in Australia, and the need for a navigator role to help participants understand and utilise their plans effectively. These insights are vital for improving participant outcomes and satisfaction with services.

Inspiring Stories and Future Directions

James draws inspiration from stories like those of Rick Hoyt and Chris Nikic, who have overcome significant challenges to achieve incredible feats in sports. These stories show the potential for individuals with disabilities to achieve great things with the right support and opportunities.

For more on this topic, check out  Inspiring Disability Stories: Team Hoyt and Chris Nikic. James’ conversation about these stories led us to explore further and share their incredible journeys in our blog.

Business Mentoring and Growth

James also offers business mentoring services, helping companies grow and improve their operations. His mentoring is part of the Queensland Government’s Mentoring for Growth program. This program provides valuable support to businesses looking to expand and succeed in their respective industries. We promised to leave a link to this valuable resource, so be sure to check it out if you’re interested in business growth and mentoring opportunities.


James’ insights into business consultancy, his dedication to improving businesses, and his passion for meaningful engagement make him a valuable guest on our podcast. For any follow-up questions or listener interactions, you can reach James at or 0403 789 353. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Bonus Material

James has offered  a 1 hour consult for anyone who wants to pick his brains a bit more about anything to do with their NDIS business

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