Attended the Brisbane disability expo

Was an amazing day with loads of exhibitors. Unfortunately I was unable to get to every stall as I am a chatterbox lol. I also forgot to take many photos… whoops. 


As I am reasonably new to this sector and my training has gradually nudged me towards it via the clients that have enjoyed my service and hated on my dad jokes, I was amazed at the ingenuity and options that are available out there for people with disabilities. I was pretty impressed with this all terrain commando looking wheel chair which I did take a photo of lol. 


 reall cool wheelchair at the disability expo

It was lovely to meet so many people and it was quite welcoming with a feeling of these are my people, seeing the excitement as people were talking about how their services are able to help people and the changes that have happened. I would love to get Slim Gym and our FrieNDIS group in maybe for the next one… check this space.

You are intelligent, goodlooking and funny!
Thankyou so much for your application
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