A Day of Connection and Growth: The NDIS Networking Event on the Gold Coast

NDIS providers networking event at Johnny H, Gold Coast

The Gathering of Innovators and Carers

Our NDIS Gold Coast networking event yesterday, the vibrant community of NDIS providers and support workers converged at the welcoming venue provided by Johnny H on the Gold Coast. We’re immensely grateful to Lou and the team at Johnny H for their generosity. Johnny H is not just a venue; it’s a beacon of support, offering programs like SLES and adventurous life skills activities designed to transition young adults from school to an enriching adult life. Their commitment to personal growth and development is truly inspiring.


Networking with Maxima at the NDIS event
“Charting new paths for NDIS and Indigenous support with Corey from Maxima.

Celebrating a Successful Networking Day

The turnout exceeded expectations, with professionals from all sectors of the NDIS ecosystem engaging in meaningful conversations. From SIL providers to occupational therapists and psychologists, the diversity of services represented was astounding. Yet, amidst this bustling crowd, the shared mission was clear: to create amazing connections that both empower and support the NDIS community.

I missed chatting with everyone, but the energy was palpable. The discussions weren’t just exchanges of business cards but were about making real connections, sharing insights, and exploring how to better serve our community together.

Engaging with Pacific Health and Wellbeing at the NDIS networking event
Sharing goals with Jess and Scott from Pacific Health and Wellbeing.

Elevating Our Collective Impact: The Upcoming NDIS Expo

In the spirit of community and collaboration, instead of our usual monthly NDIS Gold Coast networking event we’re excited to announce an NDIS expo next month. This isn’t your ordinary event; we’re curating a lineup of three expert speakers to offer valuable insights without a sales pitch. It’s about sharing knowledge that makes a difference in the lives of NDIS participants, their families, and caregivers.

With 20 booths available for local providers, this expo is a unique opportunity to showcase your services, distribute information, and directly engage with the community. And yes, there will be a free sausage sizzle to keep the conversations flowing!

Jeovic Communitycare and Greenleaf Care Services at NDIS networking
Orode and Veronica, leaders in community care, unite at our NDIS event.

Be Part of Something Bigger

Are you an expert passionate about making a difference, or do you represent a service eager to connect with the community? We invite you to be one of our distinguished speakers or to secure one of the 20 standing stalls at our next expo. This is more than a chance to showcase your services; it’s an opportunity to contribute to our “help first” culture, reflecting the care and integrity that define our industry.

Reach out to contact us to express your interest in being a speaker or reserving a stall. Let’s make this expo a landmark event that celebrates our collective commitment to empowering lives through the NDIS on the Gold Coast.

Collaboration at NDIS networking event with Pacific Supports and HOLISTIC 24/7 CARE
A moment of connection with Lou, Nathaniel and Reihaneh, exploring avenues for NDIS support.
Strategic discussion with HOLISTIC 24/7 CARE at NDIS event
Exploring innovative NDIS care strategies with Hamza.

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